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Key360 is a Business Intelligence software platform provider for Project Management and Business Process functions. Our range of users goes from large-scale implementations in Infrastructure, Mining, Energy, Water and Petrochemical verticals to smaller projects ranging from commercial ventures, BPR and other IT projects.

As a company we strive to innovate and develop business excellence internally and for our clients. This drive has lead to the development of a revolutionary, cutting edge suite of Business and Project Management software platforms like our “KEY360 Business Intelligence” platform.


We have been developing and growing since the end of 2007, based almost exclusively on previous relationships with clients and their founders. Established on a solid foundation in local and international projects in Mining and Petrochemical industries, we have developed our skills to service a growing client base.

Our collective experience of over half a century of project management has allowed SSG Consulting to aid major companies in achieving their goals and as such have grown to a formidable team of 60.

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