Welcome to the KEY360 Ambassador Journey!

Who am I?

How would we describe a KEY360 Ambassador?

  • Greenfit … Are you like us?

  • Sexy / Sassy/ likable / Cute / Attractive / Funny

  • Sporty / Active / Healthy / Energetic

  • Balanced / Mentor / Influencer / Visionary

  • Dedicated / Committed / Determined

  • Transformed / Innovator

What do I get?

What are the benefits of being a KEY360 Ambassador?


  • KEY360 is a ‘UNICORN” and you can OWN a part of it

  • Join the KEY360 Revolution and the KEY360 Inner Circle

  • Earn up to 30% commission on KEY360 Product Sales

  • Earn and trade in valuable KEYCoins CryptoCurrency

  • Develop a new following for your business

  • Get a free occupational training or develop a whole new career path

  • You can create meaningful impact in poor communities with KEY360 MyafricA

What is KEY360?

KEY360 is a brand that enables a “Fulfilled Life” and “Optimized Performance “

All our products are aimed at helping people live balanced and rewarding lives

KEY360 Universe:


KEY360 Nutrition;
A niche range of sports nutrition products

KEY360 MyafrikA 
Eliminating world hunger by turning informal settlements into SMART Settlements

KEY360 Game
Earn and trade in KEYCoins Cryptocurrency

KEY360 Strategy
Convert Superior Strategy into Exceptional Execution

KEY360 Digitalization 
Transforming companies to meet the challenges of the digital revolution

KEY360 Platform Technology
One Cloud Platform for Project Execution and Operations Optimization

Human Potential Accelerator

KEY360 Consulting
Advisory and Transformational Consulting Services

KEY360 Inner Circle
Become a part of the KEY360 Inner Circle – the KEY360 Rewards Community

Connect with your fans like never before – 23 minutes

What now?

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