The Challenge

To consistently compete and excel globally organizations are challenged to dramatically improve efficiency and output continuously. To achieve this feat companies must digitize and systemize hundreds of business processes across multiple internal departments, their clients and partners.

But legacy IT systems remain dis-connected and operate inside their own silos.

Opportunities to leverage corporate data in these silos remain very limited. Few platforms can grasp the power of leveraging functional silos in a 360-degree way.

So the corporate benefits of having an truly active ‘intelligence layer’ working across those processes and systems and responding to them in real-time is lost. But if you improve productivity, especially major implementation projects, this can have a huge impact on profitability.

This is a universal challenge for all businesses.

Organizations are constantly challenged to get the best out of projects and processes where time-to- market is crucial to the bottom line. However to realize the potential of this requires a unified approach, a business mindset and deeply integrated collaboration mechanisms to get the best out of your organizations and improve their profitability.

KEY360 Solution

Key360 offers a universally applicable, cloud-based Business Management platform for Business Intelligence, Project Management, Big Data & Analytics, ERP, Behaviour and Strategy Modification.

Leverage your data trapped in functional silos to dramatically improve project and business outcomes.

Our intelligent "process-aware" platform automatically translates raw functional data into real time integrated business intelligence, facilitating unprecedented access to accurate information. KEY360’s scalable and dynamic abilities enable consistent and rapid implementations against tight schedules and at reduced cost.

KEY360 provides a fully transactional user interface for extensive corporate networking capability, seamlessly facilitating workflow in a multi-company environment covering over 90 business processes.

Use across any business process, silo or department to produce major sustainable profit and productivity gains.

Key360 is specifically designed to let you add human insights to quantitative data, to identify human behaviours from business processes so your entire organization gets incredibly smart, very fast due the transparency generated by our platform. Teams work better together.

Everything you need to improve the way you run your business today in a single business management platform.

KEY360 App - Your Business Accelerator

A single mobile platform to run your entire business in real time

KEY360 App offers users the same features of our award-winning Business Management Platform – users can access, share or update data and request specific analysis. 24/7 access is transformational to how users manage their businesses. Users can use the full power KEY360 Platform in real time from anywhere.

All your data, on any device, with insights - right now!

Management Action and User Access to data is increased 10-times.

Our KEY360 App is really changing the way our clients view and respond to enhanced levels of data – which is coming from every corner of their organization. Constant access means organizations can dramatically increase workflow and efficiency while users have greater control over interactions using the App. Having personal access means users have greater “transactional accuracy”, decreasing rework and improving the quality of their BI outputs.

Debottleneck your business with Mobile-enabled workflow for exceptional efficiency. Connect your people with the data they need when they need it

  • Customized workflows within each business strategy
  • Increased collaboration between internal and external users
  • “Serialization of Data“ which enables users focus only on what is urgent and important.
  • “Decreasing Noise Disruption” where users are consistently disrupted in their jobs by “noise” including meetings, excessive data, interruptions, and paying attention to the wrong workflow
  • Enables users to capture additional workflow and business process information, including photographs and geo-location information and will extend to biometric information.
  • Provides a Newsfeed of all workflow on KEY360 Platform, so managers to see in real time what is happening within their organizations.
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KEY360 Features

  • 130 Million Transactions
  • Rapidly configure/operate new workflows in over 140 different business processes over 15 Integrated Corporate Functional Areas (previously spread over multiple solutions)
  • Real Time BI Streaming to multiple platforms
  • Unprecedented Collaboration and data transparency
  • Deploy new operating environments extremely rapidly and cost effectively (like new projects/departments/divisions)
  • Work seamlessly in globally distributed Portfolios, Programmes, Projects and Processes in multi-company scenarios
  • Seamless Corporate Networking between organizations
  • Automatically convert Big Data into multi-platform, real time Visualisation dashboards creating unprecedented BI
  • Advanced data security control
  • KEY360 outcomes include dramatically improved throughput (50% Plus) as well as exceptional staff Behaviour Modification
  • Interface to multiple 3rd Party Systems -SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Fully Auditable data

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