Why Us

KEY360 offers a single integrated Business Management Platform comprising Business Intelligence, Project Management, Big Data & Analytics, ERP, Behaviour and Strategy Modification.

The result is a real decision-making platform in which any change to the data, processes or business rules is immediately propagated from data source to the BI, offering ease of use, unmatched time-to-solution and a single version of the truth across the entire organization

What differentiates KEY360 is our users - working in real life situations - have helped develop our systems from the ground up. Everyone from Business Owners to Project Managers, from Field Engineers to Procurement Specialists all contributed to our design so that KEY360 delivers the best all-round customer experience out there. Our philosophy is to stay close to the user and to ensure our products remain cutting edge and ahead of competition. We strive to stay ahead of the curve by innovating today for our users challenges tomorrow.

There are many providers of Business Intelligence, ERP, CRM and Analytics but when it comes to making excellent business decisions you would need all of them - perfectly integrated - and able to talk the same language, collaborate on the same data, sharing the same metrics – create outstanding outcomes.

As a result, KEY360 is uniquely designed to meet the needs of any user, big or small, involved any project anywhere, from action-orientated In-house projects to natural resources mega-projects.

What sets KEY360 apart is that is that it takes a holistic approach to any related business processes or functions and seamlessly integrates them to produce a real time view of the total project. No other IT system integrates so many diverse IT packages or intelligently translates them into actionable insights the way KEY360 does.

KEY360 has delivered record-breaking successes across many industries due to this.

Some of those unique features include:

  • Over 100 Business and Project Management Systems on one platform available
  • Unique and extremely effective workflow engine
  • Remarkable “BIG DATA” and bulk transaction capability
  • Integrated Real Time reporting and dash-boarding
  • Multi-company platform allows all project users to integrate seamlessly

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